Tomorrow The World

by Bunny Brown

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Released summer of 2004 plus 2 bonus tracks; Clandestine and My Fast Friend, circa 2000.


released June 1, 2004

Produced and recorded by Michael D'Amico and Bunny Brown


all rights reserved



Soluble Songs Toronto, Ontario

"Your job is to create the pigeon hole, my job is to wiggle out of it." - BB

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Track Name: Send In The Clones
send in the clones

another bulldozer, another pit
but you can't stop the dead
that refuse to stay buried
so take a cold shower then take a stroll
through the smoke and the mirrors
of your wasteland urban sprawl
with all the stars in your blind eyes
and all the clouds in your deaf ears
the grave new world in your foaming jaws
tear it to bits with your teeth and claws
and now the train's coming
stuck on the tracks
with the freaks to the left
and the cavemen to the right
they'll spill their true colours
make sad rainbows
black as crypts in the night
white as PT Barnum's ghost
isn't it rich? aren't we a pair?
if only there were more of us out there!
Track Name: My Life In Dreams
my life in dreams

dream't about fate like fireworks
watched events collide
dreamt of a chessboard
all the men were on one side
i don't know why it comes
i don't know what it means
but it's my life in dreams
dreamt of an upper chamber
filled with tables and chairs
i was in the basement
and i couldn't get upstairs
i don't know why it comes
i don't know what it means
but it's my life in dreams
lately feels like something's wrong
singing but my voice is gone,
trying but i can't find a way
got nothing to say
so it seems i live my life in dreams
dreamt of a beaded bracelet
on a high glass shelf, started on the left
then slowly squirmed to center itself
i don't know why it comes
i don't know what it means
but it's my life in dreams
Track Name: Devious

fish in the water and stars in the sky
all things in their right places
but for the stars whose lights are dim
and all the fish that can't swim
i'm decomposing a soluble song
for singing mice through mazes
but shortest routes will have to wait
'cause i was born to deviate
devious (i'm a deep-sea diver)
written on my face (i'm a mountain climber)
devious (i'm an overwhelmer)
my favorite place (i'm an underminer)
devious (i'm a faulty wire)
hear it in my voice (i'm a house on fire)
a curious, furious noise (i'm a ghost insider)
all men are twisted and all lives are warped
like bent hallucinations
that exit straight into the night
but mine won't go without a fight
Track Name: Anyway

live so that others might
share your goodwill today
the cause is a noble one
do it anyway
what are you waiting for?
why can't you take the lead?
don't tell me you're afraid
that you might succeed
it won't do waiting 'round
for a trickle down
when it's your own crude
they are pumping out of the ground
love so that others might
let your heart be a flame
they may never see the light
do it just the same
fire the board
the president and the CEO
be the brains of the outfit
use your charisma and your machismo
put on your show and as you go
live so that others might
share your goodwill today
the cause is a noble one
do it anyway
Track Name: Freakezoid
. freakezoid

they say it's the uninformed
that want to make love not war
i say the kids are alright
if they don't want to fight
check the flag-waving chimp with the gun
in a world that needs saving
gonna have him some fun
that gets me so annoyed 'cause i'm a freakezoid
yeah and you know it's true
'cause you are a freak too
and when they shake our faith
they really break our hearts
now let's get out of here
before the shooting starts /before the bombing starts / before the looting starts
how much wealth do they need
to appease their greed?
how much blood will it take
'til they put on the brake?
down at the World Bank and the IMF
it's business as usual, have a nice death
see the change you want to be in the world
*be the change you want to see in the world
*with apologies to Mohandas Gandhi
Track Name: Hallucinations

you can sleep in through the afternoon
but in the evening it'll find you
wake up, surround yourself
'cause you're getting no help
no help at all, on such a great waiting list
and when you find out how long it'll take
you'll find out what patience is
locked out, thrown away the key
smashed windows of opportunity
no peace, no fun and no sex with anyone
no hope in hell can make a wild optimist
can make a rudely defiant lover
out of a crude scientist
moon is dark, don't make me go there
don't make me go there alone
moon is cold, don't make me go there
don't make me go there alone...
no help, no not a hint,
it's so pathetic it's brilliant
so go on without a clue
and remember i love you
Track Name: Morgen Die Welt
morgen die welt

Die Bildniskunst der romischen Republik
Das romische Herrscherbild
(German book titles about ancient Roman architecture)
Track Name: Excuse Me
excuse me (3:48)
excuse me for interrupting
your perversion, your feculence
but have you considered an alternative
to impotence as a way of living?
excuse me for bursting
that balloon that you inhabit
and the security and the mediocrity
all consolations for obedience to self-betrayal excuse me please
excuse me, but how did you lose?
was it in a convenience store?
or just in passing a yield sign
by the road-side of life
en route to Deadsville? excuse me please
excuse me, or better, use me
this poet is writing and it's so exciting
to be angry, to be smitten
by the bug of balladry so excuse me please

(by Mendelson Joe
Mendelsongster publishing
reprinted with permission)
Track Name: Miracle Baby
miracle baby
...we could have a miracle baby
Track Name: Lost Articles
lost articles

i'm at my best when i'm alone
and no-one else can see
i'm my best when i'm alone
so why don't you love me?
so why don't you love me?
so why don't you love me?
why don't you love?
Track Name: Unless You Want To
unless you want to

don't do it for the money...
for the fame...for the glory...for the pain...
to make an bug your parents...
to feed an put in an appearance
on't do it unless you want to...
unless you care...unless you love to
there's enough bullshit out there
you don't have to make it happen...
to play the heavy... to be somebody
you already somebody, baby
so let's do it like we're lovers...
like we is feed one another...
like world champions, hey
but don't do it unless you want to...
unless you care...unless you have to
there's enough goddamn bullshit out there
don't do it unless you want to...
unless you care...unless you love to
now that's your business oh baby take care
*takin' care of business, i mean you
keep lookin' out for number one, yeah

*with apologies to Randy Bachman and BTO
Track Name: Under Spells
under spells

see the little robots
moving in a robot fashion, executing missions
with all their little robot passion
they are under spells, under spells...
powerful machinery driven by robot pride
and they will stop at nothing
Robo-God is on their side
'cause they are under spells
this is for real! how do you feel?
kinda queasy? life isn't easy
your heart gets broken - blow it wide open!
under the surface a higher purpose... l o v e
Track Name: Witless Witness
witless witness

there is a line that cuts it fine
between what's yours and what is mine
and yet it binds at different times
you stop to find you're of two minds
unattached we live the bachelor life
except for just one catch
the little string encircling our necks
has left us dangling
that's life scaring you witless
where the flesh meets the bone
it might be none of my business
that you feel so alone
i don't have the physical fitness
to right the wrongs that were
done, i'm just a compassionate
witness to my own
is it rare that one should care
about what is and isn't fair?
is it wise to take advice
from vampires and poltergeists?
would it be naive to try
retrieve the pie out of the sky?
is it enough to prove you're tough
by killing the things that you love?

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